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About Us

At Kingfisher Glazing we strive to provide quality UPVC windows and doors, so you can enjoy the many benefits of UPVC double-glazing at its best. And at a fair price.

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With more than Ten years’ experience and having successfully completed a whopping 1000-plus projects, Kingfisher Glazing is a name you can trust.

Our company realised that awning windows and staking doors were popular in London, so we worked with our suppliers to create a product line-up that is especially suited to local conditions.

We are dedicated to providing innovative, eye catching and functional doors that can not only transform your home’s appearance by adding beauty and character but can also offer superior quality to other doors in the market . Whether its using solid wood as opposed to a veneer or using a timber core composite as opposed to foam filled our doors are unrivalled in their quality, design and energy efficiency. Homes are plain and unimaginative with generic doors, so it is our vision to ensure your property stands out from your neighbours with one of our stunning doors whilst at the same time offering you the best in terms of security and quality.

The London market requires an extended warranty of 10years on Rehau profiles; hence we work solely with top quality components that are up to the task. Our approach is simple – always build custom windows. That’s the only way to ensure that the fit is perfect every time, for every house. Because each window is fabricated individually, we are able to offer an extended list of design options and hardware configurations. We have worked very hard to create a strong reputation in the London market, not only in terms of product but also in terms of service.

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Our Team

The team at Kingfisher Glazing brings together years of experience and is passionate about providing London house owner’s with the very best products and services available.

Facts about Kingfisher Glazing Ltd

  • • More than ten years’ experience
  • • 1000-plus projects successfully completed
  • • We produce high quality UPVC double-glazing
  • • Strong emphasis on products that suit local conditions
  • • All our windows are custom built
  • • We offer a comprehensive range of products