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Why UPVc?

Why UPVc

Did you that know 98% of homes in Europe use UPVC double-glazing? It’s an impressive stat. Why is it so popular? Quite simply, UPVC is the best material for making windows and doors and we are the leaders in providing that service to you. Here are the main benefits that you can enjoy.

  • Value


Not only do you receive the highest quality products, but also Kingfisher Glazing are cheaper than similarly equipped competition. As a bonus, you save over time, as UPVC windows will reduce your heating bills and maintenance costs.

In addition, London building regulations require new buildings to meet a high standard of thermal insulation. Installing double-glazing with UPVC is one of the most effective ways to meet this requirement. It helps to increase property value as well.



Our windows provide outstanding insulation so you can keep your home warm and comfortable throughout winter and cool and refreshing during summer.

UPVC with double-glazing is also a great shield against noise. Thicker windows mean avoiding street noise – and provide you with a better night’s sleep. There is no maintenance, either. Forget about painting and oxidation: an occasional wipe down with soapy water is all that’s required to make UPVC windows look like new again.

  • Security


Security only becomes an issue when it is overlooked. When was the last time you checked the reliability of your locks at home? Even with double-glazed windows, it all comes down to the locks and frames.

Secure your home with the Warm Windows Multi-Point Locking System. Steel reinforcement inside the UPVC frames makes them capable of withstanding abuse. Just turn the handle and it will engage the whole locking system, ensuring your home is a safer place.

  • Energy efficien

Energy efficient

An energy efficient home is all about smart use of heat. Well-insulated UPVC windows conserve heat, making your home more comfortable and your power bill more attractive. Since you will need less power for heating, your home will become more efficient with a smaller carbon footprint.

With UPVC joinery you get a lot of ‘mileage’ as it is extremely durable and can easily last for more than 50 years. UPVC doesn’t rust, corrode, warp or rot, which means maintenance is minimal.

  • A healthy home

A healthy home

Ventilation and insulation are core ingredients of a healthy home environment, and a lot of that is down to the windows. Our windows are more efficient at retaining heat.

Unlike aluminium, UPVC is non-conductive; therefore it helps reduce condensation. Unlike wood, UPVC is not affected by constant moisture, so it performs consistently throughout.